The Mayas and Their Art

So many things can be said about the Mayas and numerous myths have been created around them throughout the years. They were a Mesoamerican civilization, that exceeded others in language and arts. Their first cities were founded in the Pre-Classic period and developed until the Spanish invasion, which was not entirely destructive, but actually blended in the formation. The Mayas still have descendants today that pride themselves into keeping traditions alive and being part of a heritage so great that has left the world astonished. People are attracted to this culture for so many reasons, because of all the things they have created and left behind, all the myths about their way of life look and sound like a fairytale, but the remains are a testament of the true legacy of the Mayas inhabiting and creating in American areas.

The Mayas made art a true form of expression, as in those times most artistic developments where limited by the rough materials and tools, as other civilizations did not manage to create such accurate art objects. In plus, all the artifacts created by the Mayas have stand the test of time and are now featured in many collections and museums all over the world. The designs are very original and, although made in stucco and other rocks or burned muds, they have survived for many centuries. The collections include reliefs, funerary pottery items and murals, which are all delightful to admire, as the accurate forms worked on them are very impressive. People are taken aback by the beauty and the perfection of shapes in the Mayas art – human bodies are perfectly carved in stone, for example. Other shapes are amazing as well, no matter if they are big or small, they stand to show a delicate and attentive work, made by dedicated Mayas with a steady hand and a lot of patience.

The entire Mayas community was a working one, but they always found time to create art. What is now left is a testament to their heritage, values and beliefs. No matter if they were potters or miners in caves looking for stones, the Mayas created art in all possible shapes and forms, carving and leaving their marks in wood, stone, burned mud, natural fibers and precious stones. Their dedication to creation and beauty is acclaimed as singular, because the Mayas left a trace of their civilization comparable to no other.